Seminars & Continuing Legal Education Programs

The attorneys of EK IP have provided numerous seminars and programs to lawyers, professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses on intellectual property issues.

Law Firms: Our attorneys are available to provide a one hour program to local or regional firms addressing Intellectual Property Basics and Recent Developments In Intellectual Property for General Practitioners.  The programs can be adapted for business attorneys, litigators or both.  Our programs have previously been certified for CLE credit in Kansas and Missouri.   For information contact: Kent R. Erickson or James J. Kernell.

Businesses and Associations: We provide one hour presentations to businesses and associations on Patent, Trademark & Copyright matters.  We will modify our programs to address the needs of your business or the interests of your association.  For information contact: Kent R. Erickson or James J. Kernell.  Existing programs include:

  • Intellectual Property Basics for Businesses
  • International Patent Strategies
  • Continuing Legal Education Programs

Other legal education programs presented by our attorneys include: